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We are AM studio, a glass design company that offers full service of exterior, interior and artistic glass design solutions. Our passion is to convert bold glass design ideas into functional elements or structures.

As industry leaders, we have been successful doing so for over 15 years.

Our range of handcrafted luxury products contains such as decorative glass plates, frameless & beveled mirrors, lighting, washbasins & sinks, art and monumental artworks.

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Art and Design

One of the best ways to truly make interior stand out is to pick a bold glass artwork that will make a statement.

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Exterior Solutions

Glass is excellent building material. Providing access to natural light, options for color customization, and the ability to blend interiors with exteriors, this wonder material can be used to transform a building into a thing of natural and elegant beauty.

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Interior solutions

Glass offers near endless potential for transforming a space both practically and aesthetically. Explore our selection of glass walls, floors, panels, skylights, and various other design elements in interior.

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